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AR-DX Pallet Racking Systems

AR-DX Racking systems are designed to increase the Warehouse Operational efficiency, Productivity and Goods Turnaround.

These systems come with a host of accessories like Guided Pallet Supports, Rear Stoppers for Pallets, Aisle labels, Upright Guards, Fill in Mesh, etc. Very versatile and flexible, these can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing storage needs of your warehouse.

Our Racking range includes,

Conventional Pallet Racking
Drive-In Racking
Gravity Flow Racking
Push Back Racking
Mobile Pallet Racking

Benefits of our Racking

Suitable for Medium to Heavy load
Easy to assemble
50mm level adjustment for beams
Wide range of accessories
Powder coated finish offers good resistance to abrasion
Rack Clad structures eliminate the need of separate warehouse building

AR-DX Pallet Racking Range

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Conventional Pallet Racking is the simplest of all Pallet Racking systems and provides individual access to every pallet in the system. The flip side is low storage density with only 35-40% of floor space being utilized. This is because aisles have to be provided for the handling equipments like forklifts to maneuver.


Most versatile pallet storage system with easy adaptability
The beam levels can be easily adjusted in increments of 50mm according to the pallet height requirement.
Host of accessories for individual storage needs
Compatible with a variety of handling equipments like Pedestrian Lift Trucks, Forklifts, Reach trucks, VNA Trucks and Automated Stacker Cranes
This is a modified layout of our Conventional Pallet Racking where two bays of racks are installed one behind another and accessed using Modified Reach Trucks in a front and rear pallet combination.

This reduces aisle to rack ratio and gives better floor space utilization (around 55%) and higher storage density. The flip side is that it reduces selectivity and only 50% pallets are directly accessible.

Drive-In Racking

In Drive-In Pallet Racking system, the forklift drivers drive into the lanes inside the racks to deposit pallets on specially designed cantilever support arms which support the pallets by its sides.


High Storage density and highest floor space utilization of 60-65%.
The system is normally 4 to 5 pallet deep, but can be custom designed for individual applications.
Racks can be made as high as 10 pallets high depending on the forklift equipment used.
Gravity Flow Racking is a specialized form of Pallet Racking where inclined tracks of rollers are used as storage surface and Pallets are put-away from one end and retrieved from the other end of the racks. It is typically 4-5 pallets high and the depth depends on size and weight of the pallet. It is necessary that the loads on pallets are stable and quality of pallets is good.


High storage density and floor space utilization of over 65%
First-In First-Out is guaranteed by design
Good for products with a shelf life and that require absolute rotation.

Push Back Racking

Push Back Racking is a modified Pallet Racking system where pallets are loaded on inclined tracks or roller skids where the inclination is towards the forklift. The system offers storage upto 4 pallet deep and 5 pallets high with put-away and retrieval from the same side.


High Storage density and floor space utilization of over 45%
Very safe operation as the truck remains outside the storage area
The system by design follows Last-In-First-Out and hence good for large batch movements
Our Mobile Pallet Racking is a modified Pallet racking system where the racks are mounted on powered movable bases running on rails flush with the floor. The rack bases are moved to create the aisle for the forklift to access the pallets.


Highly dense storage with individual accessibility to all pallets
The system can be operated with conventional forklifts
Finds extensive use in Cold storage applications.
The entire system can also be automated with remote control and linked to forklift movements to achieve good throughputs
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